What Working Women Want Wives to Know

Whenever I am out by myself all done up, I usually look down. Especially at airports. This isn't because I am insecure. I just know many men (and women) are staring at me, even when they have their wives (or husbands) with them. I don't look down out of shame either. I do this more so the wives can understand I am not interested in their significant others. I don't want to intimidate anyone. However, that is a word that is constantly used to described me: intimidating.

To cut straight to the point, I don't want to steal your husband from you. I am a known porn actress. I don't hide that I have several sugar daddies, but here's the key to all of this: it's work. I know the immediate response is likely, "If you do not wish to intimidate people, then why dress the way you do?" a reasonable question indeed. A sugar baby walking through an airport is a kid in a candy store, and my personal favorite place to score new clients. I do dress very well, but please do not put the blame on me because your husband is smitten with me. I instantly look away and make sure there is no confusion. I'm a professional. I work. I'm not a homewrecker.

"How do you have sex with married men for money but don't consider yourself a homewrecker?" I joke with a girlfriend who is also in the industry that some wives should send us a thank you note every now and then. He goes to work, takes a long lunch with me, and then returns from work to you happy and in a much better mood. Odds are that he probably won't even bother you for sex later that night. Would you rather him be grouchy, stressed out, and annoying you for sex every night, or just see me once a week and keep harmony in the marriage? Men are biologically engineered to crave sex, and we all need some form of excitement.

"I don't want my husband to see an escort. That is so dirty!" Our bodies are our income, we have to be as clean and safe as possible, and understand that our jobs depend on this entirely. Would you rather your husband pick up some drunk college chick at a bar, fuck her in the backseat of her car her parents bought her as a graduation present, and then eventually end up dating her on the side? I'd rather my husband go see a gorgeous, sweet, clean pro, who will send him home happy.

I once had a client tell me he wanted romance and to let him call me his "girlfriend." I refused and eventually ended that relationship. I have a few sugar daddies, and I do consider them great friends. I know if I ever needed anything, I could count on at least a couple of them no matter what. We talk about our children, our marriages, and work lives, things normal friends talk about. We satisfy each other's needs and part ways, nothing more and nothing less. I shy away from escorting. I personally find it to be too cold, and I need more of a connection. Even so, I will not be your girlfriend. I have a bond, a special friendship with my men. More than anything, I respect them, and that assuredly includes their marriages.

Am I saying it is completely okay for a married man to have extramarital affairs? No. Not at all, but neither do I think that monogamy is realistic. I just ask you to look at your options and reevaluate what you might have thought was dirty and disgraceful.

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