Why Should I Pay For Sex?

This morning as I was running errands my driver and I had a great conversation. "It might be an ego thing but I don't think I could ever pay a girl to take her clothes off", he informed me. Hiring a call girl isn't about HAVING to pay to get laid, "Why do you order pizza instead of making it yourself? Convenience. It's not because you can't, its because it's a hell of a lot easier.", I insisted. There is such a social stigma about admitting you pay a girl to see you, I imagine most people think the guys who hire escorts are dirty old men. On the contrary! I explained to my driver that, yes, most of my clients could easily go to a bar and bring a girl home, they're just smart enough to know that it's never that easy- they're going to want more. The vast majority of men I see are very successful, middle-aged, usually married to work. One of my favorites is a very prominent social figure in Atlanta, absolutely gorgeous, charming, fantastic in bed, he could have any woman he desired. Instead he prefers to see working girls. He says what time and for how long, I'm his "girlfriend" for those couple hours. Then, around 8 pm I'm out the door so he can prepare for surgery the next morning. Then there are the married men that I previously mentioned in my last post. They're happily married, have a beautiful family, with absolutely no intention of leaving; they just need a little bit of thrill every now and then. They're not seeing me hoping that I'll be their new girlfriend and I respect them enough to never do/say/post anything that might put them at jeopardy. Lets face it, once you get married you stop having sex everyday. I am a porn star and I don't even have sex with my husband everyday. So, these guys seek out something very discreet with no strings attached. They don't have to worry about some girl they just met calling their phone at all hours of the night, becoming attached, and ruining their home life. It's just a much safer route for them. The last category is the men who want to fulfill a fantasy. I'd be willing to bet most men at some point have dreamed of what it would be like to take a porn star to bed. Thanks to the internet this is now possible, even by just sending them a message on twitter. To be honest, these are my least favorite. They get really excited about spending an evening with a porn star, the single ones will usually arrange a divine date and go out of their way to make sure everything is perfect for you. This is very sweet, however, they usually end up being nervous and intimidated about performing well enough to satisfy a girl who sleeps with professional for a living. Understandably so. End result? Sucking on a flaccid penis for 30 minutes until I tell them its okay and then we just make out and cuddle. As you can see, guys who "pay for it" aren't gross by any means. I'm sure at least 3 people in your office have a paid mistress. Whenever my girlfriend "Kay" and I go out we always look around at the men and guess which ones are willing to pay. This industry has become so mainstream that I find more and more people openly talk about it. I can't tell you how many normal girls that aren't even in the industry still have sugar daddies (essentially the same thing, we'll discuss this later). At the end of the day it's two consenting adults both benefiting from what the other party has to offer. As long as safety and respect are given I personally see no harm in these types of relationships.

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