Social Class.. But For Prositutes

First and foremost let me thank for joking about girls that use the term "Prostitute" as an insult. It's a profession. Whether you are a married housewife and your husband supports you, you have a sugar daddy who pays your tuition, or you are an escort, it all is sex in exchange for something. As I have previously mentioned, I am pro-working girls. I'd much rather my significant other pay a girl for sex than have an actual emotional involvement. I say this regarding higher-end escorts. Let me explain the "types."

First are the "Sugar Babies," with whom I start because this is where I consider myself on this scale. These are the girls who will be your girlfriend for the evening, usually found on or some similar websites. The really good ones can recruit in person at any ritzy hotel or bar. The biggest difference between escort and sugar baby, at least in my eyes, is connection. I studied communications because I am genuinely fascinated by people, I love listening to the different stories, and I really do learn something new on every date by simply listening and asking questions of men who have mastered their field. Every arrangement is different: some men will give you cash, some gifts, trips, rent, tuition, almost anything. I know some men who want to avoid a sense of "transactions," whereas others find giving an allowance to be the easiest method. I can't even begin to list the different types of girls that would fall into this category: single moms, college students, strippers, porn stars, and waitresses are among them. This is the broadest spectrum of broads.

Next are your Backpage girls, who are giving it up for a couple hundred. If my husband saw one of these girls, I would take the house and everything in it. These are the girls who offer a "blow and go" for maybe $100. Let me backtrack and say I have no personal vendetta against these types. I have, however, heard enough horror stories to know that inviting a cheap escort to your room can definitely lead to trouble. In previous posts where I have been pro-escort, these are not the ones to whom I am referring.

The agency girls are next. I have the most trust in them because they have their bookers to report back to, and if you get a bad review, your number of clients depletes instantly. There is a madam coordinating the dates promptly, and usually providing a safe incall location for both parties' comfort level. Granted, when you go with an agency, you're giving a cut of 20%-50% to that agency. At the same time, though, the agencies do protect their girls with background screening that otherwise the girl would have to do herself. If you are a male new to the hobby world, I would HIGHLY recommend an agency girl or a very well reviewed independent.

I suppose Backpage girls are also independents (if they don't have a pimp), but the independents to whom I am alluding are the $700+/hour girls and the porn stars. The phrase "you get what you pay for" is by all means applicable here. These are the girls who answer the door in lingerie and have your favorite wine awaiting you. Not one detail is lost on these girls. Pricey indeed, but you also have to consider the following: these women are highly reviewed and the best at what they do; they are independent so that the cost of their incall location is all paid out of their pocket unless a client is willing to pick up the hotel bill; and there is an incredible amount of time needed to background check each prospective client. I tell everybody, you might have done FBI-level work, but regardless, you still don't know who is going to walk through that door.

The funny part about all this? Some clients don't even want sex. Just company. Especially when your career involves mass travel, it gets lonely. Your answer? Definitely the sugar baby route. Busy work schedule with a wife to return home to? Call a well-reviewed independent or agency. This isn't just being a hooker, used and put away. There really is so much more depth. This is the oldest profession. As a Louisiana girl I take great joy in reading the history of Storyville, the parlors of the early to mid-1900's, and the corruption of the Wicked City. If all were so simple now.

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