Sugar Plum Fairies

My last post discussed the different types of escorts. The most vague and longest type aforementioned was the Sugar Princesses. To say I have several friends and even colleagues on Seeking Arrangement is an understatement. I know several waitresses that have a couple sugar daddies they see regularly to help cover their bills when work is slow. These are generally speaking the guys who will throw a few hundred at you (Splenda daddies). Then there is also what I like to call "Sugar Relationships" where they get together as much as possible and have a genuine care for each other. Instead of handing her cash like a transaction he helps her with her bills, buys her gifts, takes her on trips that she couldn't afford on her own. Basically the same thing as a real relationship except more honest and open; although exclusive arrangements are a thing too. I've spoke to several gentlemen who offer everything paid, and at least 5 figures a month to only "date" them. While that is an incredible deal for the right person I do not have much experience in that area. I am very open that I am polyamourous. Hell, that's why I got into porn. Sleeping with a new partner for the first has always given me such a rush. That being said, I tell gentlemen upfront I do not do monogamy.

I have a wonderful friend on Instagram @Cavalli_barbie and this chick is the Sugar QUEEN. She's the girl who has the confidence to recruit a man by simply sharing an elevator. She says, "I judge how much sugar they are by asking them to take me lingerie shopping on our first date at La Perla and Agent Provocateur ." Not only do her Daddies buy her anything her heart desires (Birkin Bag), sends her gifts, her allowance in one month is more than the average American makes in a year. I give this girl major credit for the damage she can do, she is my spirit animal. On the flip side, I also see men say "I'm not your personal ATM", " I want a real connection", and "I don't deal with gold diggers". Maybe you should try or approach a normal girl in a normal bar. Nonetheless, when the topic of allowance or gifts get brought up, you get talked down to for asking the terms of potential arrangement. These aren't even Splenda Daddies, these are just plain assholes. Thanks, but I am perfectly happy buying my dinner.

The "Chatters", are almost, if not, worse than the "I don't pay for it" guys. Endless calls, emails, texts, but will never give you an actual date and time to meet. I personally think they just get excited about talking to girls they would never have the opportunity to in real life. Most of all we can't forget the picture collectors. "Send me a picture", to which I respond, "I live my life on social media, I am an adult actress, you can Google me". I usually get the response of, "I want a personal one" then I tell them I can sell them a picture set or buy a clip off my website. They go silent at that point. Sometimes finding a REAL sugar daddy is like finding a needle in a haystack. In that regard, escorts are definitely smarter. You know what the price is and how long they will be with you; place your ad, check background, references and you're done.

As I previously stated, I long for deep conversation, I enjoy listening to their stories over dinner. I probably have more education than some with their PHD's. Not only do I get rewarded for being a good baby girl but I have a few mentors who go above and beyond to help me to achieve my goals. I have always been attracted to middle aged business men so for me this is a win-win. I'm getting paid, having sex with someone I would fuck anyways, and learning how to expand my brand for the long haul. In fact, I consider most of them very good friends. There are a few that I would still remain friends with even if we broke off our "relationship".

There are always gray areas though, in every aspect of life at that. If there is such a connection then why not date them traditionally? Most of these daddies are always busy or have another life they have to report home to at the end of the night. The allowance or gifts is a way to compensate for their absence or inability to give you the attention a traditional girlfriend would expect. I actually told a friend once to keep his money. In this scenario I resented the fact that I felt "used" (I know a sex worker using the word used is quite ironic) it felt as if I could be rented whenever is most convenient for this gentleman. "I don't want your money or anything material related, I want your time. I want you to text me back. You know, just TRY", or something along those lines. I was drinking wine- liquid courage for the win!

I could write a whole book on the sugar life I wanted. Each sugar relationship is a very unique dynamic altogether. While explaining all of this might sound complex it is actually the most simple type of relationship. Each party knows what to expect from each other, while it is a type of dating for some, everything is completely transparent. Neither party has a reason to lie, be jealous, or any other mundane fights most couples have. The sugar life has been wonderful to me and I will always endorse such!

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