That Moment You Shoot for a Site You've Been Watching Since Teenager Years

I just shot for! What makes this so exciting? The fact that when I was really young and just discovered porn, I was super into girl/girl initially. Now I'm all about the hardcore, degrading, stuff as well all progress. I distinctly remember being my go-to. The premise is, a hot girl is out and finds another hot girl, picks her up, and they go home and fuck. In fact, one of my first boyfriends introduced me to this site. So fast forward to today, my agent calls and asks how far away from the office I am. I am bewildered. Its Wednesday and my scene is on Thursday. Nope! Got switched and Mrs. St. Clair did not get the memo.

I am extraordinary OCD about being late and missing appointments. In fact, I got pulled over less than a mile away from set. I started crying and told the officer I didn't even know I was shooting today, this is my favorite company, I'm stressed out and am just going up the road. He smiled and said, "Well, hurry up, you got a movie to shoot". Thank you Fort Lauderdale officer, I am forever indebted.

Next thing I know I am on set doing all the legal BS, I'm so frazzled at this point I have no idea what I am shooting or even what site.

"So, what am I shooting for today?", I ask the staff member doing legal that day.

"You're shooting girl/girl for We Live Together", he responds.

"Shut up! I've been watching WLT since I started watching porn when I was, like, really young. I absolutely admire Molly Cavalli!", I exclaim.

"She's in the office right next to here, wanna meet her?", he asks.

"Oh my god! Yes!",is my obvious response.

He took me to her office, I fangirled out and told her how I think she is absolutely perfect and I am SUCH a big fan of hers and well, was overly excited, but she was nice even with my awkwardness.

Anyways, after all this is said and done, I get to hair and makeup (over an hour late). Even though I was tardy we still waited for the other producers for hours as usual. The girl I was shooting with was just like me though which I LOVED. Blonde, big boobs,perfect body, total hustler. My type. The sex was AMAZING. I got to use a strap-on and fucked her really hard, plus she let me choke her and spit on her which was fantastic. It was definitely a long day but aside from my Milf Hunter scene with Brad Knight, I came more times than I can even count. Oh, we also have matching pussies so that was an added bonus.

In short, I got to shoot for a website I've been watching for almost 10 years with a girl who is absolutely stunning and made me cum 346x. Did I mention I even made money off of this?

These are the days I love my job.

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