Who is Sexually Safer? Industry or Civilian?

With the current HIV scare going on in the industry, this topic only seemed appropriate. Who is safer, the adult worker or a civilian? My answer is always industry workers. We are tested twice a month, no brainier, duh. That hot waitress that you're trying to fuck without a condom probably hasn't been tested since her last checkup a year ago, if not longer. It is not unheard of to contract a STD and have zero symptoms, meaning, that hot waitress probably gave chlamydia to about 10 people or so this past year. When performers catch something we find out within a week or two (sometimes sooner if your body tells you).

Once the word came out about a performer potentially having HIV, I obviously panicked as I'm sure everyone else did, making me reconsider my answer.

The amount of people we have sex with in this two week period is obviously more than the average person would, then you go and work with a different partner, thus turning whatever disease into a small epidemic. As everyone knows, practice safe sex off camera if you are not in a monogamous relationship BUT some people just can't be taught. This brings me back to my initial question, could civilian sex actually be safer? I know people who haven't been tested in years! To adhere to the fact that civilian sex is safer just doesn't resonate well with me. Industry sex HAS to be the answer but if this is so then why is production on hold until this issue gets resolved? We are waiting out this moratorium, losing money daily, yet we are the safest? At the end of the day this boils down to having respect for the industry and your colleagues. We all start off our shooting weeks clean, then someone goes without a rubber and ruins it for everyone else. The answer to this question should be we are absolutely the safest without even a second thought to the matter.

I constantly hear criticism from people outside the industry about being dirty and having diseases because I do porn. My answer? "I've never popped positive and I am tested every 2 weeks, when was your last test?" We are anal (pun intended) about staying up to date on our sexual health because our career is contingent on that negative test. Accidents do happen though and we find ourselves in this predicament, unsure and waiting.

Conclusion: In every group there are always bad apples. That will never change. People are going to contract STD's in or outside of the industry without using safety. The critical variable in this case is volume. Your hot waitress might have had sex with 10 different people being tested yearly, whereas, we have had sex with 10 people during our 14 day test period. This incident has definitely made me change my answer. Neither adult worker or civilian is "more safe" or cleaner, I find it to be equal, factoring in amount of partners to how often an individual is tested. Mistakes happen no matter who you are or what field you work in.

Additional Notes: This is in no way meant to either accuse or shame anyone that has ever had a disease or a positive test. I have tried to go above and beyond to emphasize mistakes happen and we need to take precaution. In the same breath I am also not defending girls who go bareback and bring God knows what on set. This is meant to be a neutral post.

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